Month: September 2015

Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Jacob Kim

This week I had a conversation with Jacob Kim. When I was a Venice Beach last week I couldn’t get my can to spray. I asked a random guy on the wall next to mine to help me out, and he showed me that there was a plastic safety under the spray tip and took it off. That guy was Jacob. Based on that you should be able to tell we are pretty much best friends now. Jacob is a second year criminal justice major. He’s from La Palma and some of his hobbies are surfing, guitar, jiu jitsu, outdoor activities, and other things. We weren’t 100% sure what “what is your water” thing, but we concluded that it meant that it is hard for someone to get a grasp of their own reality and situation because you are living it. Unless you are taking out of your current situation you aren’t going to know how good or bad it is, like this week we realized how good we have it with electricity, but we never really realized until we had to go one night without it. Jacob said that his water was being financially well off. He doesn’t have to worry about food or traveling and other types of things that other people might see as a struggle.



Wk5 – Artist Interview – Josh Benz

The gallery I chose today was Gatov East. This gallery was pieces that were a result from a collaboration between eight artists. (Jarand Abad, Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Peter McCaulay, Coleton Kargi Palmer, Karen Solis, and Krista Tsukashima). The artist that I got to interview; however, was Josh Benz.

Most of the paintings had alot of color and were kind of abstract, which was cool. Josh’s specific painting, which he did along with Karen Solis, was the painting that stood out to me. Part of it is a clear painting of a girl laying down, then the rest starts to blend with its surroundings. It looks like she is looking at a TV and whatever is on the TV is spilling out and filling up the room. There are different components in each part of the room, but the background color blends them together to form a tightly knit painting.

Karen started on the girl and Josh on the surrounding paintings. Josh didn’t really start with a clear idea, but clarified that the painting was the transition into adulthood.

Before I heard Josh’s interpretation, I just felt like it was someone who was watching a movie and who was so into the movie that it was taking place in their living room. When I watch movies, sometimes I put my self in the protagonists point of view and submerge myself into the plot, so I thought that was what this painting was trying to convey.

Josh doesn’t have a website or instagram, but he said he does have a facebook. I looking him up, but I couldn’t find him. I texted a few people and none knows, so good luck finding Josh online.

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Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

Truthfully, I wasn’t really looking over to this activity because I thought it was going to be boring, but it wan’t that bad. I couldn’t really do anything inside my house because none would want to do this, and I couldn’t really go anywhere public because everywhere public is well lit, so I decided to have a BBQ in my backyard and invite some friends. I decided that the best thing to do was to cook some food on my grill, so we could have a light source and something to do. That was basically my night. I had a few people over, we drank, we cooked meat, and we just kind of talked. It was basically any other day except there was no light or music and I was the only person who wasn’t using a cell phone. Most people left pretty late, so I didn’t have to go to sleep as early as I thought I would, which was good. All in all, having no electricity might be cool when you’re camping in the woods or in a desert but not during a regular day during regular life. I will not be doing this by choice any time soon.

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Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Brianna Ortiz

This week I had my classmate conversation with Brianna Ortiz. This is Brianna’s first year of college and is currently undecided on a major, but is leaning on Child Development. She thinks that art is important because without it life would be bland and boring and also believes that anyone can be can be considered an artist if they try. In addition to our conversation in the gallery, we also did the Venice Beach painting together and she said that she liked it and would definitely do it again. Brianna was going to go for a swim in Venice, but she is terrified of fish. A jellyfish ate her brother so she decided never to go inside the ocean ever again.                                                                                                           20150919_130358img_9575

Wk4 – Artist Interview – David De Mendoza

All of the galleries were pretty cool, but my favorite was David De Mendoza and Vanessa Gamboa’s work in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. They did a collaboration, Vanessa;however, was not there at the time so I was only able to talk to David. David is from Santa Monica, he is finishing up his masters’s degree and has one year left.

The paintings have a lot of color. Most of the work was on big canvases and had a lot of color. Vanessa’s Untitled and Sedentary had tons of texture. You can see that she used a lot paint to add the texture and give it more life. Untitled is mostly shades of red, whereas Sedentary had lots of different colors and also a person who seems to be sleeping and falling over from a bed. David’s work was also colorful but it’s more creepy, like skulls, monsters, and baby heads.

David said he got his inspiration from old, scary movies and book, one of which was It by Stephen King. He said he just wanted to get a reaction out of people. Wanted to show the fear of the unknown and of nightmares. One of the things that stood out was the use of bright colors to make things look creepy, he said that to him bright and saturated colors were scary, but to a lot of people those would be the opposite of scary.

Whenever someone reads a book, watches a movie, listens to a song, or looks at art, the audience will shape to fit into scenario of their life and interpret it in a way that involves them, even if the artist was going for a completely different feeling. I didn’t really think the painting were scary, but I thought they were pretty cool and interesting.




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Wk4 – Activity – Painting

I went down to Venice Beach to spray my name on one of the graffiti walls. I’ve never actually sprayed a design on anything, the times I’ve used a can is to paint something I would rather spray paint instead of brush paint because it’s easier, so I didn’t know how good my name was going to come out. When I got there there were a few people from our class along with Professor Zucman who came over to chat with us a few times and there were also strangers working on their own work just kind of hanging out. I didn’t really think about any designs beforehand so I did the most generic block letters I could think of with the exception of the last O, where I put a bomb instead so it could have a little flair. After that I just added a weak black shadow and white accent marks to finish it off. Brianna was doing her second name under mine so our piece of the wall turned into a collab work between me and her. Our work ended up being kind of sketchy, but I think that was the point of this activity. Graffiti is supposed to be kind of street and on top of that, no matter what we put someone was going to cover our work right after we left, which allowed up to do whatever we thought would look good and not worry about it being perfect or messing something up. All in all it went pretty well, I had fun, I tried something new, and I got to go to Venice for school.

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Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Zeida & Brianna

Zeida Gonzalez and Brianna Ortiz were together when I was talking to them, so I decided to do more of a group conversation than a one-on-one interview. Zeida is a third year film major who thinks that art. This is Brianna’s first year of college and is currently undecided on a major, but is leaning on Child Development. We talked about about how Kyle Kruse’s gallery seemed kind of ritualistic, like a cult ritual or something similar because of all the prints facing the center in a perfect circle. Another topic was how we thought that art should be fun and how the whole point of it is to enjoy it. Towards the end we started talking about good Netflix shows and Zeida said that Parks and Recreations is better than The Office. We introduced ourselves, talked about art, talked about which gallery we liked the best, and ended up talking about which shows are good on Netflix. In the end I met two new classmates that I didn’t know before.

Zeida’s Website:

Brianna’s Website:

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Wk3 – Artist Interview – Nick Bamford

All of the galleries were pretty cool, but my favorite was Nick Bamford’s work in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. He is currently a senior at CSULB originally from Huntington Beach. Nick didn’t have a title for his work, but he did call them guys (sitting guy/jumping guy).

The sculptures were very rough, they reminded me a lot of our recent plaster casting activity. You could tell that the main structure for a lot of them was primarily wood and wire, the shapes are comparable to early video game characters, great general shape so they audience can see what they are and what they are gesturing, but none of the little details.  The sculptures were all bigger than life size and were the color of which ever color the material was, but since clay, plaster, and concrete was used to put all the materials together, they ended up being mostly neutral grey.

Nick stated that each sculpture took about one day to complete and that he wasn’t going for a specific look, but instead wanted them to be open for interpretation. He said that he was just going with the flow without a specific idea in mind. These sculptures were more of a challenge because the material he was using was from things laying around or stuff he got while dumpster diving, so he wasn’t too familiar on how to work it or shape it compared to other materials he has more experience with.

Whenever someone reads a book, watches a movie, listens to a song, or looks at art, the audience will shape to fit into scenario of their life and interpret it in a way that involves them, even if the artist was going for a completely different feeling. For me, I felt that each of the sculptures were a person going through their own story, each with its own scenario and it was up to me to fill in the blanks and decide what they were doing. I actually liked the roughness of the pieces and the carelessness.

Nick Bamford’s Instagram:

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Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

The first photograph ever taken was in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France. Why am I telling you this? Because my 8th grade English teacher told me every good piece of writing starts with a hook. This week’s activity was pretty much what the description for it said it would be, getting a snapshot of your daily Thursday. Mostly eating out, selfies, and hanging out with friends, with a few exceptions. This showed that most people essentially do similar things, but with their own group of friends, and that there’s more that we have in common than just this class. My four pictures were; my dog, an art piece from the gallery, a clip from my boxing gym, and half a pizza. Out of all the #art110f15 pictures, my favorite pictures were the ones of dogs. Your dog is the only one who’s always happy to see you ALL the time, the one who greets you from a trip to the store like he hasn’t seen you for years. Even if they occasionally shit on the floor or piss on your bike, they’re overall great.

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Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

The Long Beach beach is kind of greasy, but since it’s the closest one to my house I decided to do the plaster there. I woke up, ate breakfast, picked my friend up, and drove to the beach. On my way I was thinking about which hand position will look best and I decided to do the peace sign because it would be the easiest to pull out while keeping its shape. Not the deuce sign the peace sign. Like most people, I dug the hole first, put my hand in, packed the sand, and then got ready to mix the plaster. By that time is was around 2pm, and It felt like Satan was shooting god damn sun rays directly at my neck, so I MacGyvered a neck protector out of my shirt by taking it off and putting it on my head. While mixing the plaster with water I forgot we had to ratio it 2:1, and I did it 1:1 so it had the consistency of thick milk. Because of that I had to pour in the mixture 3 times and waiting longer for it to dry. When we were digging the hand out I just pulled it out and broke the middle finger. I took it home and tried brushing the sand off but accidentally broke off the right two knuckles and the tips of both fingers, but it still looked pretty decent, so I’m not really worrying.                   20150905_11111420150905_11421120150905_145625