Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

The Long Beach beach is kind of greasy, but since it’s the closest one to my house I decided to do the plaster there. I woke up, ate breakfast, picked my friend up, and drove to the beach. On my way I was thinking about which hand position will look best and I decided to do the peace sign because it would be the easiest to pull out while keeping its shape. Not the deuce sign the peace sign. Like most people, I dug the hole first, put my hand in, packed the sand, and then got ready to mix the plaster. By that time is was around 2pm, and It felt like Satan was shooting god damn sun rays directly at my neck, so I MacGyvered a neck protector out of my shirt by taking it off and putting it on my head. While mixing the plaster with water I forgot we had to ratio it 2:1, and I did it 1:1 so it had the consistency of thick milk. Because of that I had to pour in the mixture 3 times and waiting longer for it to dry. When we were digging the hand out I just pulled it out and broke the middle finger. I took it home and tried brushing the sand off but accidentally broke off the right two knuckles and the tips of both fingers, but it still looked pretty decent, so I’m not really worrying.                   20150905_11111420150905_11421120150905_145625


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