Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Zeida & Brianna

Zeida Gonzalez and Brianna Ortiz were together when I was talking to them, so I decided to do more of a group conversation than a one-on-one interview. Zeida is a third year film major who thinks that art. This is Brianna’s first year of college and is currently undecided on a major, but is leaning on Child Development. We talked about about how Kyle Kruse’s gallery seemed kind of ritualistic, like a cult ritual or something similar because of all the prints facing the center in a perfect circle. Another topic was how we thought that art should be fun and how the whole point of it is to enjoy it. Towards the end we started talking about good Netflix shows and Zeida said that Parks and Recreations is better than The Office. We introduced ourselves, talked about art, talked about which gallery we liked the best, and ended up talking about which shows are good on Netflix. In the end I met two new classmates that I didn’t know before.

Zeida’s Website: https://zeidagonzo.wordpress.com/

Brianna’s Website: https://briannaortiz.wordpress.com/

wpid-img_2797 img_9575


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