Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

The first photograph ever taken was in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France. Why am I telling you this? Because my 8th grade English teacher told me every good piece of writing starts with a hook. This week’s activity was pretty much what the description for it said it would be, getting a snapshot of your daily Thursday. Mostly eating out, selfies, and hanging out with friends, with a few exceptions. This showed that most people essentially do similar things, but with their own group of friends, and that there’s more that we have in common than just this class. My four pictures were; my dog, an art piece from the gallery, a clip from my boxing gym, and half a pizza. Out of all the #art110f15 pictures, my favorite pictures were the ones of dogs. Your dog is the only one who’s always happy to see you ALL the time, the one who greets you from a trip to the store like he hasn’t seen you for years. Even if they occasionally shit on the floor or piss on your bike, they’re overall great.

Screenshot_2015-09-13-14-37-55 Screenshot_2015-09-13-14-38-14 Screenshot_2015-09-13-14-37-28


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