Wk3 – Artist Interview – Nick Bamford

All of the galleries were pretty cool, but my favorite was Nick Bamford’s work in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. He is currently a senior at CSULB originally from Huntington Beach. Nick didn’t have a title for his work, but he did call them guys (sitting guy/jumping guy).

The sculptures were very rough, they reminded me a lot of our recent plaster casting activity. You could tell that the main structure for a lot of them was primarily wood and wire, the shapes are comparable to early video game characters, great general shape so they audience can see what they are and what they are gesturing, but none of the little details.  The sculptures were all bigger than life size and were the color of which ever color the material was, but since clay, plaster, and concrete was used to put all the materials together, they ended up being mostly neutral grey.

Nick stated that each sculpture took about one day to complete and that he wasn’t going for a specific look, but instead wanted them to be open for interpretation. He said that he was just going with the flow without a specific idea in mind. These sculptures were more of a challenge because the material he was using was from things laying around or stuff he got while dumpster diving, so he wasn’t too familiar on how to work it or shape it compared to other materials he has more experience with.

Whenever someone reads a book, watches a movie, listens to a song, or looks at art, the audience will shape to fit into scenario of their life and interpret it in a way that involves them, even if the artist was going for a completely different feeling. For me, I felt that each of the sculptures were a person going through their own story, each with its own scenario and it was up to me to fill in the blanks and decide what they were doing. I actually liked the roughness of the pieces and the carelessness.

Nick Bamford’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/nickbamf4d/

20150910_110803 20150910_110825 20150910_110832


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