Wk4 – Activity – Painting

I went down to Venice Beach to spray my name on one of the graffiti walls. I’ve never actually sprayed a design on anything, the times I’ve used a can is to paint something I would rather spray paint instead of brush paint because it’s easier, so I didn’t know how good my name was going to come out. When I got there there were a few people from our class along with Professor Zucman who came over to chat with us a few times and there were also strangers working on their own work just kind of hanging out. I didn’t really think about any designs beforehand so I did the most generic block letters I could think of with the exception of the last O, where I put a bomb instead so it could have a little flair. After that I just added a weak black shadow and white accent marks to finish it off. Brianna was doing her second name under mine so our piece of the wall turned into a collab work between me and her. Our work ended up being kind of sketchy, but I think that was the point of this activity. Graffiti is supposed to be kind of street and on top of that, no matter what we put someone was going to cover our work right after we left, which allowed up to do whatever we thought would look good and not worry about it being perfect or messing something up. All in all it went pretty well, I had fun, I tried something new, and I got to go to Venice for school.

20150919_130406 20150919_130358


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