Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Jacob Kim

This week I had a conversation with Jacob Kim. When I was a Venice Beach last week I couldn’t get my can to spray. I asked a random guy on the wall next to mine to help me out, and he showed me that there was a plastic safety under the spray tip and took it off. That guy was Jacob. Based on that you should be able to tell we are pretty much best friends now. Jacob is a second year criminal justice major. He’s from La Palma and some of his hobbies are surfing, guitar, jiu jitsu, outdoor activities, and other things. We weren’t 100% sure what “what is your water” thing, but we concluded that it meant that it is hard for someone to get a grasp of their own reality and situation because you are living it. Unless you are taking out of your current situation you aren’t going to know how good or bad it is, like this week we realized how good we have it with electricity, but we never really realized until we had to go one night without it. Jacob said that his water was being financially well off. He doesn’t have to worry about food or traveling and other types of things that other people might see as a struggle.



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