Wk5 – Artist Interview – Josh Benz

The gallery I chose today was Gatov East. This gallery was pieces that were a result from a collaboration between eight artists. (Jarand Abad, Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Peter McCaulay, Coleton Kargi Palmer, Karen Solis, and Krista Tsukashima). The artist that I got to interview; however, was Josh Benz.

Most of the paintings had alot of color and were kind of abstract, which was cool. Josh’s specific painting, which he did along with Karen Solis, was the painting that stood out to me. Part of it is a clear painting of a girl laying down, then the rest starts to blend with its surroundings. It looks like she is looking at a TV and whatever is on the TV is spilling out and filling up the room. There are different components in each part of the room, but the background color blends them together to form a tightly knit painting.

Karen started on the girl and Josh on the surrounding paintings. Josh didn’t really start with a clear idea, but clarified that the painting was the transition into adulthood.

Before I heard Josh’s interpretation, I just felt like it was someone who was watching a movie and who was so into the movie that it was taking place in their living room. When I watch movies, sometimes I put my self in the protagonists point of view and submerge myself into the plot, so I thought that was what this painting was trying to convey.

Josh doesn’t have a website or instagram, but he said he does have a facebook. I looking him up, but I couldn’t find him. I texted a few people and none knows, so good luck finding Josh online.

20150924_120258 20150924_112622 20150924_112701


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