Wk6 – Activity – Periscope

This week’s activity has been my least favorite so far. I didn’t really know what to scope, so I broke it up into three parts. I did two on Friday, one of me just kind of waking up and skating to the park and the second part was when I was getting ready to play basketball. My third scope was Sunday morning when I was watching TV and doing school work. Most of the time there was none watching me, and even during my peak times, only two people tuned in, so I felt kind of dumb just talking to myself. On top of that, I didn’t really have a topic to discuss and since most of the time I had zero viewers none was giving me feed back. I watched some people doing their scopes and I thought it was kind of boring because they were just talking or doing random things. All in all, this activity showed me that I’m not a famous person and that what I have to say isn’t really that important, and that other people are just as boring as me.

Screenshot_2015-10-04-12-46-43 Screenshot_2015-10-04-17-35-40 Screenshot_2015-10-02-11-10-59


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