Wk6 – Artist Interview – Alice Andreini

This week I saw the gallery Site Lines by Sery Kwon, Laura Lopez, and Alice Andreini in Gatov East. Although there were three collaborating artists I only listened to Alice Andreini.

Most of the art work was bright and abstract, but the ones that I liked the most were Alice’s. Her paintings were really bright but looked like they did have some composition to them. They kind of reminded me of what you get when you get picture and turn contrast to 100% on photoshop. There were silhouettes of the toy solders and flowers along with what seems large blades of grass, almost like if they were shots of toy solders in someones back yard blown up into a huge canvas.

Alice’s inspiration was her mom’s garden. She put the soldiers because she would randomly find them when she was in he garden. As for the colors, yellow specifically, she thought it was a dynamic color.

Her painting, the mostly green, yellow, and orange one has been my favorite piece of art this whole semester. At first glance I thought it might represent war and the toy soldiers were actual soldiers. The two points with rays surrounding them looked like explosions. Love the dynamics and love the painting.



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