Wk7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

This week we had to use snapchat draw atleast two things. I was actually surprised when I put my snapchat name (tapatioandchips) and so many people actually added me. I like using snapchat, but I rarely use the drawing feature, so this activity was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Because I wanted to keep my drawings exclusive, I only posted one drawing on my story, and the other two drawing, I sent to random people. I saw a few drawings in classmates stories and others that were sent specifically to me and the ones I like the most are the drawings that were interacting with the real physical world. I liked the activity this week and I enjoyed drawing doing the drawings. The first three drawings are mine, first one is my dog who turned into a monster and is breathing fire, the second is Clippy’s brother Highly, and the last one is Elmo’s mentally challenged cousin, Felmo. The last three are other classmates Leslie, Velen, and Leslie respectively.

Screenshot_2015-10-08-14-12-14 Snapchat-520633181032503667 Snapchat-1697607233849921515 Screenshot_2015-10-08-21-21-15 Screenshot_2015-10-08-15-24-09 Screenshot_2015-10-08-21-12-16


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