Wk7 – Artist Interview – Jane Weibel

This week I’m interviewing Jane Weibel that had her art in the Gatov West gallery and it was titled “The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time”. Jane is a junior here at Long Beach State and is currently majoring in ceramics.

When I first walked in i was surprised, I really wasn’t expecting to see what I saw. I felt like I walked into a coloring book or a cartoon world. Everything was so colorful and felt like they were just outlines of the real world. There was a lot of colorful strings holding things up like ceramics, baby’s clothing and other things. After settling in I noticed that there was a lot of things relating to a house and baby paraphernalia, kind of reminded me of a playground or daycare because of the colorfulness, the swings, baby clothes, and what looked like toys.

Jane said that she got her inspiration from her childhood and her childhood memories. She wanted people to remember their own memories when they saw her gallery because your memories are basically who you are. Jane lost a family member to Alzheimers, so the concept of memories and their value has a little more weight on her.

I felt like I emerged myself into a different world when I walked into her gallery, like a cartoon world or into a coloring book. I think I felt this because the art was all around the people, my self included and I actually had to navigate through it, so I felt more emerged. All in all, I liked this gallery and thought that it was pretty cool.

Jane’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/janemargarette/

20151008_112509 20151008_112455 20151008_112444



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