Wk8 – Artist Interview – Rhiannon Aarons

This week I interviewed and saw Rhiannon Aarons‘ work. The title of her show was Ex Libris, this was located in both Gatov galleries, so I’m going to tag it as Gatov East because Gatov West was partly another exhibition. This is her second year as an MFA student, shehas attended Otis College of Art and Design, and has 17 years of art experience.

Her art pieces were drawings of skeletons. Most of them were black and white, except for one, which was brown with black. First looking at them, they look like fantasy creatures, the skull and rib cage from a human and the rest of the body from a combination of a snake or other creature. One of the paintings with the human skull had wings, which clearly showed that it wasn’t supposed to be an accurate representation of a human.

Aarons was inspired to make these pieces by many different works in literature and anatomical books, which adds on to her interest to obscure and dark things. The Clitoral Truth by Rebecca Chalker is one of the pieces from which she got a lot of inspiration for this piece. Aarons really wants the people who look at her art to think about it and not just gloss over it like you would any random object.

I thought this was pretty neat. I first thought of those fake science or fake history books that have realistic anatomy of things that didn’t exist like dragons. A big part of why I liked them was because they were simple, clean and well done. Interesting art this week.

20151015_110701 20151015_110636 20151015_110706


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