Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia & Character Analysis

Character Analysis:

Spider Pig, whose actual name is Chris P. Bacon used to be a regular pet pig. He used to live with a regular family until war broke out. In the year 1961, during the invasion of Bay of Pigs in Cuba went bad everything spiraled out of control. Khrushchev(the USSR) went in swiftly to protect Cuba and president Nixon, not wanting to look weak, launched a full on attack. This led to both superpowers detonating their nuclear bombs and creating a wasteland. After this happened,a spider that had ingested the nuclear waste, bit a monkey and a pig. They then gained super powers and thus, became Spider Monkey and Spider Pig. Their master (the farmer) got killer by a gang of cannibal car salesmen, so the monkey and pig decided to dedicate their life to fight evil. Spider Monkey and Spider Pig became best friends and would fight crime against the Soviets, who were the only people to survive the nukes because 1) they had shovel technology so they were able to emulate gophers and dig holes to protect themselves 2) limited exposure to the Chernobyl caused their DNA to change which allowed them to be unaffected by the nuclear fallout and toxic aftermath of it all. After much time of fighting power, Spider Pig didn’t want to be just partners, he wanted to be the leader, so one night after huffing nuclear gas, smoking out of turtle shells, and drinking from the toxic lake, he killed Spider Monkey to become the leader of the group. The next day, when all the drugs wore off Spider Pig realized what happened and regretted it. Now he is a drug-addicted super hero with a crushed spirit who doesn’t care about anything and is always thinking about offing himself.

This is his Twitter:  @Spider_Pig_110

This is his Website:  spiderpig110.wordpress.com

This is a picture of him before everything happened, of him playing with his farmer’s mentally challenged friend. (left) And another one of him now. (right). You can tell how happy he was before hand and how devastated he is now.download (1) download (2)

Website and Twitter.

My experience:

Me and Leslie partnered up for this, I made the character Spider Pig and she did Spider Monkey. We basically made the story fit our characters. I like history, we decided to do an alternate history, what would of happened if Kennedy lost to Nixon and Nixon caused a Nuclear War with the USSR. Spider Pig would have happened. After we made the story and the characters I just made my character a website and a twitter and pretended to be him. Truthfully, I thought it was a little weird, this seems like a bigger project than something you can do in a week, but I like the idea. I really submerged myself in my character and will probably use his twitter account as a parody account. All in all, I was a little confused on what exactly we were supposed to do, but I did what I thought was the assignment and I had fun.


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