Wk9 – Artist Interview – Juan Martin

This week I interviewed Juan Martin. He is attending CSULB and is majoring in Art, he started by working with ceramics and then started doing more sculptures. His work was on Gatov East gallery.

When I walked in I noticed that this gallery i noticed that there was only 3 pieces. A big black box, what looked like a casting of a deer, and a headless manikin sitting on a mirror. The man looked like it was molded concrete in parts (arms, abdomen, legs) then put together (it was grey and rough). The deer almost looked like it was carved out of wood and painted black. The pattern on the side almost looks like how termites leave trees so I thought the artist took a tree that had been eaten by termites and carved the deer out of it. Then painted it black. The black box was the simplest one. It was a big black box covered in clear wrap it kind of looked like Kaaba, the Muslim’s sacred site located in Mecca where a lot of them go atleast once in their lifetime to pray.

Juan said that he got his inspiration from Tony Smith’s Sculpture, Die from 1962.He also said that the deer and man took him a few weeks each to finish. He also wanted us to know that the manikin was really heavy.

The manikin without a head sitting on a mirror so far has been my favorite piece of the semester. The fact that it’s a heavy cement body sitting on a thin mirror was kind of cool, and I also like the simplicity of it, I usually don’t like art pieces that are really busy with a lot of things going on. The deer was also cool. I just thought of it being a piece of nature (tree) that was destroyed into an animal of nature. I know that it’s not a carving out of a tree and that termites didn’t eat it, and that he didn’t mean it to be seen that way, but that’s the way I see it.

20151022_110518 20151022_110548 20151022_110530


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