Wk9 – Classmate Conversation – Leslie Jovel

This week I talked to Leslie Jovel. Leslie is a second year psychology major here at CSULB, she says she likes art because it gives her something to look at and occasionally it relaxes her. Leslie also says that life without art would be too simple, black and white, with art there is more creativity and spaces for creation, there are no rules or limitations.As for the question of the week: After visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art pieces, what is your favorite type (painting, sculpture, installation, Performance Art, Art Education, Public Art, Social Practice, New Media, etc.) and why? She said that she liked painting because it can be realistic or abstract and that there are a lot more things that can be conveyed compared to the other ones. To top things off, she likes to paint/draw herself, and doesn’t do much of the other types of art.



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