Wk10 – Artist Interview – Thomas Cressman

This week I interviewed Thomas Cressman. His art was located on the gallery Gatov East and was titled “Living Forms”. He is currently a 5th year student here at CSULB that was born and raised in Seal Beach.

When I first walked in I noticed that all the pieces seemed to be metal. There were no big pieces. The focus seemed to be on the process of how the pieces are made and the details rather than the size. The two pieces that stood out to me were the ones set up on the two manikins’ torso. Another thing that stood out was that a lot of the pieces seemed to have a nice flow to them, kind of like jello or a splash of water.

Each of the pieces took Thomas anywhere from a week to a month to finish. His inspiration comes from the ocean and other things ocean related, so it’s normal that his favorite animal is an octopus.

I picked this gallery because I liked how simple it was. The art work he had displayed almost reminded me of jewelry. Shinny colorful things in an otherwise dull space. Probably more so because I was focused on the manikins.

20151029_110033 20151029_110041 20151029_110046

IG: https://instagram.com/thom_cress6/


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