Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art

This weeks activity was pretty cool in the sense that I was actually going to keep my art and show it off to people even after this class ended. For my fiber art I wanted to do something that I would wear, so my two options were tie dye or patches, since tie dye shirts are pretty common I decided to do a patch. I cut a shirt that was too small for me and kept the logo form the front and back, cutting a straight line on cloth is a lot harder than it looks. Putting the two logos on a sweater was the best piece of clothing to do so, because if I put them on a regular shit it would be too uncomfortable. After cutting out the two patches and deciding to put them on a sweater I began to work. I took my mom’s sewing kit and got to work, but after 15-20 min realized that sewing is no joke and that this was way to hard for me. I called my cousin who I know does a lot of things on Etsy and she had a sewing machine, so I went over to her place to finish my patch. I was actually planning on using the machine myself, but when I got there she said she’ll just do it or me and she did; however, since it was my idea, since I cut the patches myself, and since I chose where to put them, I think I still deserve most of the credit. Here is the final product. The lines are uneven, the logo isn’t centered perfectly, but I think that it adds to the roughness of the design and make it unique.

20151106_110944   20151106_110759  20151106_110903                20151106_110831     20151106_110931


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