Wk11- Classmate Conversation – Brianna Ortiz

This week I had my classmate conversation with Brianna Ortiz. This is Brianna’s first year of college and is currently undecided on a major, but is leaning on Child Development. She thinks that art is important because without it life would be bland and boring and also believes that anyone can be can be considered an artist if they try. As a response to the question “Are Tattoo’s art? Does it matter if you’re involved in designing a unique tattoo for yourself, or pick one from a book? What tattoo would you get?” Brianna said that yes, tattoos are art and that you should design your own. By designing your own tattoo, you actually make it your own in a way that it is the only one like it. Be original she said. She herself would never get a tattoo because she just doesn’t like them.



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