Wk12 – Activity – Web Page

This activity is our last one. We are supposed to turn our website into something we are going to keep using after we finish  this class. This is perfect for the people who either need to show case things for a career they want to follow (artists, writers, graphic designers, sculptors, photographers, etc.) or for someone who just wants to do a blog for fun. I don’t fall into either of those two categories so I had to come up with something different. After thinking for a while I decided to use it to show the life of my car, I bought it my senior year of high school and have been fixing it ever since. I have a few pictures so far, but I plan on working on it a lot over the winter break, so I will be posting a lot then. The only thing I did now was change the theme of my website and set up categories to separate my Art 110 work.


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