Wk12 – Artist Interview – Christopher Linquata

This week I interviewed Christopher Linquata, which had his art gallery “Sacred and Profane” set up on the Gatov West gallery. Him and another artist had joint galleries, but the other artist didn’t show up. Chris is a 38 year old who is majoring in , representational drawing and painting,  and this semester is actually his last one here (he’s graduating).

His painting were huge. They were all centered around people and all of them were in the same location. At first I thought that location was Venice beach if an earthquake hit it (because of the graffiti walls), but my friend told me it is actually Sunken City in San Pedro, I’ve actually never gone, but it look pretty cool. Although the pieces were huge, they had tons of detail. One thing I noticed is that there was a bearded guy in them that looked a lot like Chris. I thought that was pretty interesting and that it might mean something.

These painting took Chris a lot of time to make. He said that just preparing everything took around 5-6 months, and that the paintings themselves took months also, the biggest one taking about 4 months. He said that his paintings represent mythological and religious stories, but they are representational so they are subject to interpretation of the audience.

These paintings have been my favorite so far. Not only are they big, have tons of detail, and are done really well, but they remind me of different memories. They remind me of the times my friends and I would drink and do other things that we weren’t allowed to do and just had a good time. No worries all joy. In the paintings the people look so relaxed in some and as if they are in bliss in others. That’s what they remind me of, the emotions I felt with friends, the times when you forget about responsibilities, worries, troubles, and you just enjoy your time.

20151112_110417 20151112_110442 20151112_110514

IG: https://www.instagram.com/icon5350/


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