Wk13 – Artist Interview – Tyler Turett

This week I interviewed Tyler Turett, who had his exhibition on the Gatov East gallery. He is a student majoring in animation and is in his last semester here.

When I first walked in the gallery I noticed that most of the pieces were small and that there were tons of them. They seemed to be grouped together in terms in groups and looked like they were done with a combination of pencils, pens, color pencils and other things like that.

Tyler said that he recently got into animation (2 years ago) and that his dream job would be to work at Pixar. He also said that although he started on mainly paper, he rarely uses it anymore, he uses a digital format, which makes sense because that gives you more tools to work with and it is easier to fix a mistake.

When I first walked in, all the pictures reminded me of comic book pages because a lot of the characters had a comic book style. I liked them because they kind of reminded me of the times I draw when I’m bored in class, just kind of informal doodles.

Tyler is actually the first artist who has his own website, and here it is. –> http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation


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