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Wk15 – Classmate (Group) Conversation – Kelvin Japco & Leslie Jovel

This week I talked to Kevin Japco and Leslie Jovel. Kevin Japco is a second year business major. The type of art that has impacted Kevin the most is sports. Some may not consider sports an art, but Kevin said that he did because he grew up playing basketball (and coaching) and he said that some of the plays are art. In addition to playing basketball, Kevin likes to eat out a lot and he DJs on the side. Leslie is a second year psychology major here at CSULB, she says she likes art because it gives her something to look at and occasionally it relaxes her and her favorite medium of art is music because it captures any emotion the person can have whether it be joy, anger, sadness, or happiness. 20151203_111913


Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Makaila Palmer

This week I interviewed Makaila Palmer. She had her art titled “Transference” in Gatov East and West because this week they were connected. Makaila is a student here at CSULB and is majoring in Fine Arts.

There was a ton of different pieces this week. The majority of the pieces were painting on canvases with acrylic paint. There were abstract paintings, sceneries, 3D canvases, and a lot of different ones. The colors ranged from dark/dull to colorful and vibrant depending on which piece you looked at. Makaila said that she got her inspiration from nature/ and loved the colors. I liked her pieces specifically because they were serene and calming. (I took pictures of different art pieces in the gallery not just hers.)


Wk13 – Artist Interview – Tyler Turett

This week I interviewed Tyler Turett, who had his exhibition on the Gatov East gallery. He is a student majoring in animation and is in his last semester here.

When I first walked in the gallery I noticed that most of the pieces were small and that there were tons of them. They seemed to be grouped together in terms in groups and looked like they were done with a combination of pencils, pens, color pencils and other things like that.

Tyler said that he recently got into animation (2 years ago) and that his dream job would be to work at Pixar. He also said that although he started on mainly paper, he rarely uses it anymore, he uses a digital format, which makes sense because that gives you more tools to work with and it is easier to fix a mistake.

When I first walked in, all the pictures reminded me of comic book pages because a lot of the characters had a comic book style. I liked them because they kind of reminded me of the times I draw when I’m bored in class, just kind of informal doodles.

Tyler is actually the first artist who has his own website, and here it is. –>

Wk12 – Artist Interview – Christopher Linquata

This week I interviewed Christopher Linquata, which had his art gallery “Sacred and Profane” set up on the Gatov West gallery. Him and another artist had joint galleries, but the other artist didn’t show up. Chris is a 38 year old who is majoring in , representational drawing and painting,  and this semester is actually his last one here (he’s graduating).

His painting were huge. They were all centered around people and all of them were in the same location. At first I thought that location was Venice beach if an earthquake hit it (because of the graffiti walls), but my friend told me it is actually Sunken City in San Pedro, I’ve actually never gone, but it look pretty cool. Although the pieces were huge, they had tons of detail. One thing I noticed is that there was a bearded guy in them that looked a lot like Chris. I thought that was pretty interesting and that it might mean something.

These painting took Chris a lot of time to make. He said that just preparing everything took around 5-6 months, and that the paintings themselves took months also, the biggest one taking about 4 months. He said that his paintings represent mythological and religious stories, but they are representational so they are subject to interpretation of the audience.

These paintings have been my favorite so far. Not only are they big, have tons of detail, and are done really well, but they remind me of different memories. They remind me of the times my friends and I would drink and do other things that we weren’t allowed to do and just had a good time. No worries all joy. In the paintings the people look so relaxed in some and as if they are in bliss in others. That’s what they remind me of, the emotions I felt with friends, the times when you forget about responsibilities, worries, troubles, and you just enjoy your time.

20151112_110417 20151112_110442 20151112_110514


Wk12 – Artists Interview – Leslie Jovel

This week I talked to Leslie Jovel. Leslie is a second year psychology major here at CSULB, she says she likes art because it gives her something to look at and occasionally it relaxes her. Leslie also says that life without art would be too simple, black and white, with art there is more creativity and spaces for creation, there are no rules or limitations. As for the question of the week “What color activates you and what color calms you” she said that yellow activates her because its a vibrant color and it makes her think of happiness and happy things. Any dark color calms her because it makes her feel more calm and warm.


Wk12 – Activity – Web Page

This activity is our last one. We are supposed to turn our website into something we are going to keep using after we finish  this class. This is perfect for the people who either need to show case things for a career they want to follow (artists, writers, graphic designers, sculptors, photographers, etc.) or for someone who just wants to do a blog for fun. I don’t fall into either of those two categories so I had to come up with something different. After thinking for a while I decided to use it to show the life of my car, I bought it my senior year of high school and have been fixing it ever since. I have a few pictures so far, but I plan on working on it a lot over the winter break, so I will be posting a lot then. The only thing I did now was change the theme of my website and set up categories to separate my Art 110 work.

Wk11 – Artist Interview – Kathy Yoon

This week I interviewed Kathy Yoon. The name of the art exhibition was called “So Many Me’s” and it was located on the Merlino Gallery. Kathy is a 27 year old ceramics major here at CSULB, before she attended school here, she went to Cypress Community College.

When I walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was all the figures. They were characters made out of clay, each showing a different emotion, telling a different story. They were mostly white (or really light grey), which made the little details on them like the paint and yarn really pop out and be noticeable.

The pieces are actually hollow inside and took a lot of effort to make. Each piece took her a few weeks to make and each one represents her. Each figure is an emotion, a memory, or a part of her. Yoon said that she wanted the viewers to relate to the figures as well.

What I thought of when I first saw there were emotions; however, they were all bad emotions. The figures were sad, alone, broken, some looked disillusioned, and all around negative feelings, so this made me think that the artist was trying to convey what a person in depression felt and that those were all the feelings and the room was his/her head. I think they made a great job in showing the emotion while showing that they (the figures) were not people but the emotions themselves. I liked this gallery, it’s on my top 5 for the year so far.

20151105_110510 20151105_11054120151105_111151  20151105_110456 20151105_110532 20151105_110520


Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art

This weeks activity was pretty cool in the sense that I was actually going to keep my art and show it off to people even after this class ended. For my fiber art I wanted to do something that I would wear, so my two options were tie dye or patches, since tie dye shirts are pretty common I decided to do a patch. I cut a shirt that was too small for me and kept the logo form the front and back, cutting a straight line on cloth is a lot harder than it looks. Putting the two logos on a sweater was the best piece of clothing to do so, because if I put them on a regular shit it would be too uncomfortable. After cutting out the two patches and deciding to put them on a sweater I began to work. I took my mom’s sewing kit and got to work, but after 15-20 min realized that sewing is no joke and that this was way to hard for me. I called my cousin who I know does a lot of things on Etsy and she had a sewing machine, so I went over to her place to finish my patch. I was actually planning on using the machine myself, but when I got there she said she’ll just do it or me and she did; however, since it was my idea, since I cut the patches myself, and since I chose where to put them, I think I still deserve most of the credit. Here is the final product. The lines are uneven, the logo isn’t centered perfectly, but I think that it adds to the roughness of the design and make it unique.

20151106_110944   20151106_110759  20151106_110903                20151106_110831     20151106_110931

Wk11- Classmate Conversation – Brianna Ortiz

This week I had my classmate conversation with Brianna Ortiz. This is Brianna’s first year of college and is currently undecided on a major, but is leaning on Child Development. She thinks that art is important because without it life would be bland and boring and also believes that anyone can be can be considered an artist if they try. As a response to the question “Are Tattoo’s art? Does it matter if you’re involved in designing a unique tattoo for yourself, or pick one from a book? What tattoo would you get?” Brianna said that yes, tattoos are art and that you should design your own. By designing your own tattoo, you actually make it your own in a way that it is the only one like it. Be original she said. She herself would never get a tattoo because she just doesn’t like them.