Wk12 – Activity – WebPage

This week’s activity wasn’t too formal in the sense that we weren’t told exactly what to do. The main idea was to set up our website in a way that we would still use it after this class was over. If someone does freelance work or plans to do something that requires them to show their content (either writing, music, art, graphic design, etc.) this is a good opportunity because the platform is already provided. In my case, I don’t really have any of that going for me, as of now my planned career doesn’t require me to show case anything, so I had to come up with something different. I don’t want to start a blog just for fun because that’s too much work, so I just decided to make this a show case for my car. I’ve been working on my car for a while and I have some before and after pictures so far, now since I already have this website, I’m just planning on posting everything here. I haven’t posted anything yet (i’m planning to work on it during winter break), but I changed the layout so that it stays separate from all my Art 110 work.


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