Month: December 2015

Wk15 – Classmate (Group) Conversation – Kelvin Japco & Leslie Jovel

This week I talked to Kevin Japco and Leslie Jovel. Kevin Japco is a second year business major. The type of art that has impacted Kevin the most is sports. Some may not consider sports an art, but Kevin said that he did because he grew up playing basketball (and coaching) and he said that some of the plays are art. In addition to playing basketball, Kevin likes to eat out a lot and he DJs on the side. Leslie is a second year psychology major here at CSULB, she says she likes art because it gives her something to look at and occasionally it relaxes her and her favorite medium of art is music because it captures any emotion the person can have whether it be joy, anger, sadness, or happiness. 20151203_111913


Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Makaila Palmer

This week I interviewed Makaila Palmer. She had her art titled “Transference” in Gatov East and West because this week they were connected. Makaila is a student here at CSULB and is majoring in Fine Arts.

There was a ton of different pieces this week. The majority of the pieces were painting on canvases with acrylic paint. There were abstract paintings, sceneries, 3D canvases, and a lot of different ones. The colors ranged from dark/dull to colorful and vibrant depending on which piece you looked at. Makaila said that she got her inspiration from nature/ and loved the colors. I liked her pieces specifically because they were serene and calming. (I took pictures of different art pieces in the gallery not just hers.)